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Unique   |  Meticulous  |  Superior

About me

I began my career  as a full-time engraver in 1981 as an apprentice under a Colt Firearms master engraver (Ken Hurst). After years of study I became efficient enough to design scrollwork and scenes and started my own career in 1985.


In 1990 I earned my “Master” status from The Firearms Engravers Guild of America ( FEGA ). Since then I have been privileged enough to have my engraving featured in firearms and knife books and magazines all over the world.


I am proud to say that I am  one of the few American engravers that still uses the time-honored method of “hammer and chisel” to achieve small wonders in steel. In this day of robotic technology and pre-packaged designs I believe that adhering to this time-honored practice adds a true "craftsman's" touch to each and every piece I deliver.  No machinery, no technology - just a concept, a design, and a craftsman at his bench, delivering a "one of a kind" work of art that can be proudly passed down for generations to come.

"Hand Crafting today what will be cherished tomorrow."


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Tim George | Master Engraver


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